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Atelier Populaire

Cold soap - Cleansing care - CBD Cellular Relaxation

Cold soap - Cleansing care - CBD Cellular Relaxation

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Discover our Cellular Relaxation Cleansing Care Cold Soap + CBD. This 100% natural formula, certified organic by Ecocert according to the COSMOS standard, is rich in omega 3 and vitamins, and offers relaxing and soothing effects thanks to our pure and isolated CBD. Its rich and generous foam is obtained thanks to organic copra oil, for a natural and ecological care for your skin. Your relaxing moment while reducing your environmental impact!

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Cold soap - Cleansing care - CBD Cellular Relaxation


Strong points

Formulated with ingredients of natural origin and certified organic by Ecocert according to the COSMOS standard, labeled COSMEBIO and Slow Cosmetics, Vegan, without palm oil and without synthetic ingredients.

Contains pure CBD and organic virgin hemp oil for their relaxing, soothing and skin regenerating properties.

6% superfatted and 100% natural origin fragrance for an emollient, softening, protective and nourishing action on the skin.

Manufactured according to the artisanal method of cold saponification, which preserves the virtues of superfatted oils and limits the energy impact of production.

A natural and effective solution to take care of your skin while relaxing on a daily basis.

Our advice for use

To use our Cellular Relaxation + CBD Cleansing Soap, first wet your skin with lukewarm water. Lather the soap in your hands, then apply it to your face and body, massaging gently. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and dry your skin by gently dabbing with a towel.

It is recommended to use this soap once or twice a day to deeply cleanse your skin, while benefiting from the soothing and relaxing virtues of CBD. This soap is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, thanks to its 100% natural ingredients formula and its cold saponification.

After use, you can store the soap in a soap dish to protect it from moisture and extend its life.


Our Cellular Relaxation + CBD Cleansing Soap is a premium skincare solution, made with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. This cold saponified soap is superfatted at 6% to preserve the emollient, softening and nourishing properties of superfatted oils. We have selected pure CBD in isolate form, COSMOS certified, to provide the relaxing and soothing effects of CBD. In addition, we use organic virgin hemp oil, rich in omega 3 and vitamins A, B1, B3, B4, B6 and E, to help cell regeneration and skin relaxation. Our soap is also labeled COSMEBIO and Slow Cosmétique, certified organic by Ecocert according to the COSMOS standard and 100% ingredients of natural origin, THC-free, vegan, palm oil-free and synthetic ingredient-free. Take care of your skin while relaxing with our Cellular Relaxation + CBD Cleansing Soap.

Customer Reviews

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Magali Quenaon

La peau est douce et ne tire pas
Je n'utilise plus que ce savon pour mon visage

C'est fantastique de savoir que notre Savon à froid Soin nettoyant Détente Cellulaire CBD a eu un effet positif sur votre peau ! Votre retour sur la douceur de votre peau est très encourageant pour nous. Si vous avez d'autres questions ou commentaires, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter. Nous sommes ravis d'être votre choix pour les soins du visage !

In the shower

Use the soap in the shower to gently cleanse your skin while enjoying the soothing benefits of CBD.

Gentle Massage

When applying, take a moment to massage your skin in circular motions, promoting blood circulation and absorption of the CBD.

Relaxation Ritual

Transform your shower into a relaxation ritual by becoming aware of the sensations and reconnecting with your body.

  • Discover the unique pleasure of Cold Process Soap - Cleansing Treatment - CBD Cellular Relaxation from Atelier Populaire 😍

    Transform your daily cleansing ritual into a soothing experience with Atelier Populaire 's Cold Process Soap - Cleansing Treatment - Cellular Relaxation CBD . This delicately scented soap combines the benefits of CBD with quality natural ingredients to offer you an exceptional cleansing treatment.

    The extraordinary benefits of our CBD soap 🌿

    Treat your skin to a gentle cleanse with the following benefits:

    COSMOS Certified CBD Isolate is renowned for its relaxing and soothing properties. Enjoy a moment of relaxation every time you clean your face. 😌

    Carefully selected botanical oils , like coconut oil and olive oil , cleanse deeply while preserving your skin's natural moisture. It stays clean and fresh, without feeling dry. 🥥🌿

    Lavender essential oil , known for its relaxing properties, transforms each use into a moment of calm and relaxation. Your skin and your senses are pampered in harmony. 🌸

    The indisputable advantages 🌟

    Our Cold Process Soap - Cleansing Treatment - CBD Cellular Relaxation is an invitation to calm:

    • Made using the traditional cold saponification method, it preserves the benefits of natural ingredients 🧼
    • Certified organic by Ecocert according to the COSMOS standard 🌿
    • Labeled COSMEBIO and Slow Cosmetics 🌿
    • Suitable for vegans , without synthetic ingredients or animal cruelty 🌱

    A harmonious cleansing experience 🛁

    Integrate Cold Process Soap - Cleansing Treatment - CBD Cellular Relaxation into your skincare ritual:

    • Gently lather the soap in your hands.
    • Apply the mousse using light circular movements on your face.
    • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to reveal clean, soft and soothed skin.

    Say yes to cleansed and soothed skin 🌟

    Discover the magic of daily cleansing that soothes not only your skin, but also your senses, thanks to Atelier Populaire 's Cold Process Soap - Cleansing Treatment - Cellular Relaxation CBD . Give your skin the delicate care it deserves, and enjoy every moment of cleanliness and well-being. 🌿🛁

Discover the art of beauty with Atelier Populaire, the artisanal manufacture of organic CBD cosmetics in Paris

Atelier Populaire is an organic cosmetics manufacturer located in Paris. Their commitment to passionate craftsmanship, their eco-responsible approach and their desire to modernize organic cosmetics make them an essential reference. Discover their range of glamorous and effective products that combine quality, aesthetics and respect for the environment.
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