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Treat yourself to nature for a restful and deep sleep with NIGHT - CBD/CBN OIL + VALERIAN + PASSIONFLOWER + MELISSA. This formula based on essential oils and specially selected plants will help you fall asleep and improve your quality of sleep. You will wake up full of energy and ready to face the day ahead with Jeannette!

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Strong points

Exceptional taste: Our products offer a delicious blend of garden flower and citrus flavors, providing an enjoyable taste experience.

Improvement of falling asleep: Our NIGHT oil, thanks to the synergy between CBD, CBN and medicinal plants, contributes to rapid falling asleep, thus helping you to fall asleep more easily.

Stabilization of sleep cycles: The medicinal plants in synergy with CBD + CBN present in our NIGHT oil help stabilize your sleep cycles, thus promoting a more restful night.

Wake up easier: By promoting more stable sleep cycles, our NIGHT oil helps you wake up more easily and allows you to start your day with more energy and vitality.

Beneficial effect of CBN: CBN, a rare molecule in hemp, is able to fight insomnia and harmonize the different phases of sleep, giving you a more balanced and deep sleep experience.

Mental Relaxation: Broad-spectrum CBD, in combination with valerian, lemon balm, and passionflower, relaxes your mind, promoting a state of relaxation conducive to a restful night.

Quality ingredients: We use cannabinoids from organic and French cultivation, combined with the best plants in nature, thus guaranteeing high quality products and a beneficial natural synergy.

Our advice for use

Custom Dosage: We recommend taking between 5-12 drops of our CBD product per dose. You can adjust the dosage according to your individual needs.

Best time: To promote restful sleep, take our CBD product before bedtime. This will allow you to relax and prepare for a quality night's rest.

Sublingual administration: Place the drops under your tongue, allowing CBD to be absorbed quickly and efficiently into your body.

Waiting time for maximum absorption: For optimal absorption, leave the product under your tongue for approximately 1 minute before swallowing. This allows the CBD to be absorbed by the blood vessels located under the tongue, facilitating its action.

Recommended duration of use: For lasting results, we recommend using our CBD product for a period of 60-80 days. This will allow the CBD to build up in your system and provide long-term benefits for your sleep.


Organic MCT coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, organic CBD 9%, organic CBN 1%, lemon balm 15%, valerian 10%, passion flower 10% and organic lemon essential oil.

French production, guaranteed without preservatives or artificial flavors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Camille L
Relaxation assurée

Jeannette NUIT - Huile & CBN d'Herbeevor est la clé d'une nuit paisible. Les effets du CBN, accompagnés des extraits de valériane, passiflore et mélisse, créent une ambiance relaxante. Parfait pour se détendre avant de s'endormir.

Louis Blanchard
Le secret d'une nuit réparatrice

L'huile Jeannette NUIT - Huile & CBN est tout simplement magique. Les effets combinés du CBN, de la valériane, de la passiflore et de la mélisse offrent un sommeil. Merci à la personne en boutique qui m'a conseillé cette huile !

Élise Martin
Une nuit en douceur

L'huile Jeannette NUIT - Huile & CBN est une excellente compagnie pour une nuit apaisante. Les effets du CBN, associés à la valériane, à la passiflore et à la mélisse, créent une synergie relaxante. Un allié de choix pour des nuits tranquilles.

Flacon nuit huile cbd

J'ai aimé, j'ai bien dormi avec ..

Say goodbye to sleepless nights!

Insomnia doesn't stand a chance against Jeannette and her friends!

Are you tired of counting sheep all night? Discover the well-kept secret to peaceful nights of sleep. Our Jeannette CBD oil, with its sweet combination of CBD, CBN, Valerian, Passionflower and Melissa, is the secret recipe to transform your insomnia into a nighttime comedy! You are not dreaming, your sleep will finally be as sweet as a baby's sleep!

You deserve mental peace! 🐹

The brain in 'hamster racing' mode at night?

When your brain feels like a hamster race track, sleep becomes a distant dream. Our Jeannette CBD + CBN oil with Valerian, Passionflower and Melissa is the remedy to soothe your mind and give you peaceful nights. Say goodbye to hamster races, hello to serenity!

Your nocturnal ally against untimely awakenings

Arm yourself against waking up at night!

It's time to take control of your nights. Jeannette with CBD + CBN, with Valerian, Passionflower and Melissa, is your sword against unwanted nighttime awakenings. Nothing should disturb your sleep, and with Jeannette, you are ready to defend your right to a peaceful night

Sleep like a baby with Jeannette oil with CBD, CBN, valerian, passionflower and lemon balm!

Ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights and restless sleep? Our CBN Oil with Valerian, Passionflower and Melissa is here to offer you the sweet promise of restful sleep.

Your problems that we understand so well:

  1. Chronic Insomnia : Are endless nights counting the stars driving you crazy? Insomnia is a real scourge, but our CBN Oil is ready to restore peace to your nocturnal sanctuary.
  2. Stress and Anxiety : Mental agitation can haunt you, even when the lights are off. Our oil combines CBD and CBN to soothe your mind, giving you a relaxing night.
  3. Fragmented Sleep : If your sleep feels like an incomplete puzzle, you're not alone. Our unique formula helps you bring together the missing pieces of your sleep for a smoother sleep experience.

Benefits of the Product which will bring serenity:

  1. CBN - The Magician of Sleep : CBN, a rare hemp molecule, is the ace of the night. It helps restore the balance of your sleep by harmonizing the sleep phases. With Valerian, Passionflower and Melissa, our CBN Oil is your pass to a sweet and peaceful night.
  2. Natural Dream Night : Our commitment to purity and quality is unwavering. No THC, no psychotropic effects, and only the highest quality organic ingredients. Made with love in Montpellier, France, our CBN Oil is the result of natural CO2 extraction, thus preserving all the benefits of natural ingredients.
  3. Supportive Medicinal Plants : Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its beneficial properties on sleep. Lemon balm soothes nervous tension, Passionflower promotes restful sleep, and Valerian is the trusted companion to correct sleep disorders. Our CBN Oil is a fusion of medicinal plants for a night worthy of your dreams.
  4. A Sensory Symphony : A touch of organic lemon essential oil gives our CBN Oil a pleasant and soothing taste. This essential oil, known for its calming properties, enhances your sensory experience while promoting relaxation. Each drop creates an atmosphere of serenity, preparing you for a peaceful night's sleep.

Join the Sweet Promise of a Restorative Night

If insomnia is your nightmare, our CBN Oil is your dream. It offers you a natural solution for peaceful sleep and a new perspective on your nights. Try our CBN Oil with Valerian, Passionflower and Lemon Balm today, and treat yourself to a sleep worthy of nighttime royalty.

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  • Effective ingredients for rapid falling asleep and balanced sleep

    Jeannette's Nuit de Jeannette CBD oil combines CBN , a rare hemp molecule, with a broad spectrum of CBD to create a powerful synergy . CBN is known to fight insomnia and harmonize sleep phases . Working in tandem with CBD , these cannabinoids help relax the mind and prepare your body for a restful night's sleep . In addition, Valerian , Melissa and Passionflower , in harmony with CBD , help to soothe your nervous system and promote quality sleep .

  • Restorative sleep thanks to well-chosen medicinal plants

    Each ingredient in Jeannette’s CBD Nuit oil has been selected for its beneficial properties on sleep . Lemon balm , at 15% , is a medicinal plant which relieves nervous tension and prepares you to fall asleep . Passionflower , at 10% , promotes restful sleep by acting on the central nervous system , thus maintaining quality sleep . Valerian , at 10% , has been used for millennia to effectively correct sleep disorders and ensure a pleasant awakening .

  • Precise dosage according to your dosage

    Jeannette has set up a CBD dosage calculator adapted to her CBD oils, check which precise dosage corresponds to your body type! Calculate my dosage

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