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Gorilla CBD Flowers - Indoor

Gorilla CBD Flowers - Indoor

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Inhale the benefits of love for nature with Fleurs Gorilla CBD - Indoor! This indoor hemp flower cultivated with care to give you the most award-winning experience. Treat your senses to a wild immersion filled with benefits and flavor! 🤩

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Gorilla CBD Flowers - Indoor


According to the legend...

In the heart of the mysterious equatorial forests, where nature preserves its deepest secrets, a legendary CBD cannabis strain, known as "Gorilla", thrives. This extraordinary plant takes its name from the majestic power of the creature that inhabits these isolated places, the mountain gorilla, a symbol of strength and respect in nature.

Legend has it that the ancestors of the tribe of healers, guardians of centuries-old traditions, discovered the first Gorilla seeds during an expedition through the dense jungle. They were struck by the imposing beauty of these cannabis plants, their deep green leaves reminiscent of the lush forest canopy.

What made the Gorilla strain so unique was its potency and balance. Its resinous buds twinkled like stars in the night sky, bursting with calming cannabinoids. However, it was not only its power that fascinated healers, but also its balanced nature, providing those who used it with mental clarity and deep serenity.

The tribe's guardians learned to cultivate and harvest Gorilla with great care, following sacred rituals that honored the plant and its power. They believed that this strain was a valuable ally in the quest for spiritual understanding, a key to opening the doors of perception and to achieving deep meditative states.

The Gorilla was also celebrated for its ability to relieve physical pain, providing welcome comfort to members of the tribe suffering from ailments and injuries. She was thus a source of healing and relief for the community.

Today, the legend of the Gorilla lives on, reminding people that nature holds mysterious treasures capable of inspiring, healing and uplifting the spirit. It embodies the power of the symbiosis between man and nature, a heritage that we must preserve for future generations.

Strong points

Strong points :

Balanced Potency: The Gorilla strain is renowned for its balanced potency, combining high levels of cannabinoids with calming mental clarity.

Relaxing Effects: It offers relaxing effects that help soothe the mind and relieve stress, while maintaining lucidity.

Deep Serenity: Gorilla is appreciated for its ability to induce deep serenity, promoting a state of inner well-being.

Pain Relief: Some users seek out this strain for its potential to relieve physical pain and muscle tension.

Aromas and smells


Earthy Aroma: Gorilla offers a deeply earthy aroma, reminiscent of the richness of rainforest soils.

Pine Aroma: Subtly spicy pine notes complete the olfactory bouquet, adding a touch of freshness.

Lemon Aroma: A light lemony note brings a pleasant feeling of freshness to the whole.

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