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Amnesia Haze CBD Flowers - Indoor

Amnesia Haze CBD Flowers - Indoor

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Amnesia Haze CBD flowers offer a unique balance between Sativa and Indica varieties with high levels of CBD and complex aromas of earth, wood, pine and lemon. They provide medicinal relief from pain, inflammation and improve appetite and sleep. And, they provide pleasant relaxing effects. Discover the benefits today!

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Amnesia Haze CBD Flowers - Indoor


According to the legend...

An avid cannabis grower named Jan, who lived in the Netherlands spent years experimenting with different strains of cannabis to find the perfect combination of relaxing and medicinal effects.
He was particularly interested in the properties of CBD and wanted to create a strain that combined these properties with pleasant relaxing effects.

One day Jan managed to cross a Sativa strain with an Indica strain to create a new hybrid strain which he called Amnesia Haze.
He was very satisfied with the results of his research and decided to continue working on this strain to increase its CBD content.

After years of breeding and breeding, Jan was able to create a unique strain of Amnesia Haze that featured high levels of CBD while maintaining pleasant, restful effects. He started growing this strain in large quantities and decided to share it with the world as Amnesia Haze CBD.

The Amnesia Haze CBD strain has become popular with consumers for its pleasant relaxing effects and medicinal properties.
People started using it to relieve pain, anxiety, and to improve appetite and sleep.

Strong points

Pleasant Relaxing Effects: The Sativa-dominant genetics of this strain allow for pleasant relaxing effects that can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Medicinal properties: The high presence of CBD in these flowers enables medicinal properties to relieve pain, inflammation, and improve appetite and sleep.

Low THC content: Amnesia Haze CBD flowers have a low THC content of less than 0.3%, which means they have no psychoactive effects.

No Nasty Side Effects: Amnesia Haze CBD flowers are considered safe and can be used without nasty side effects.

Easy to use: Amnesia Haze CBD flowers can be vaporized, infused.

Aromas and smells

Amnesia Haze flowers are known to have aromas of earth, wood and pine with hints of lemon and exotic fruits due to their dominant Sativa genetics.
Amnesia Haze CBD flowers also have a sweeter, more subtle smell due to the high presence of CBD, which generally smells and tastes less pronounced than THC.

Customer Reviews

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Odile Desvaux

Très bon


Need to relax, relieve stress or overcome insomnia?

Stress and insomnia are no match for amnesia haze CBD flowers. Give your mind a well-deserved break and a restful night's sleep. Transform your tightrope into a soft hammock with our premium product.


Are you suffering from boredom and flagging creativity?

Forget boredom and let yourself be carried away by the light euphoria of CBD. Our amnesia haze CBD flower is the perfect companion for endless adventures, moments of ultimate relaxation, and creativity that takes off like a rocket.


Side effects of THC or need for clarity?

Are you tired of the psychedelic effects of THC and the brain fog that comes with it? Amnesia hzae CBD flowers give you a relaxation experience without the mental roller coaster or late-night snacks. Find mental clarity and relaxation without the slightest worry.

Cultivate your Well-Being with Amnesia Haze CBD Flowers!

We know how important creativity, general well-being and finding a healthy alternative are to you. This is why we are delighted to introduce our Amnesia Haze CBD Flowers , a way to cultivate your well-being, stimulate your creativity and live an uncompromising experience, far from the side effects of THC.

General Well-Being, Lack of Creativity, Avoiding THC Side Effects:

  1. General Well-Being : Your well-being is your priority, and CBD is known to promote a state of serenity.
  2. Lack of Creativity : If you are looking to unleash your creativity, our Amnesia Haze CBD flowers are here to inspire you.
  3. Avoid the Side Effects of THC : With our CBD flowers, enjoy the benefits of hemp without the psychoactive effects of THC.

The Benefits of Amnesia Haze CBD Flowers:

  • Increased Creativity : Give free rein to your imagination and creativity thanks to Amnesia Haze CBD.
  • Natural Balance : Find inner harmony thanks to CBD, for general well-being.
  • Exquisite Flavors and Aromas : Discover subtle flavors and captivating aromas with every inhalation.
  • Non-Psychoactive Effects : Enjoy the benefits of CBD without worrying about the psychoactive effects of THC.
  • Healthy Alternative : Our CBD flowers are a healthy option to escape tobacco

A Creative Escape Without Compromise with Amnesia Haze CBD, by clicking on add to cart!

Accept no compromises when it comes to well-being, creativity and healthy experiences. Let Amnesia Haze CBD Flowers accompany you in your quest for personal fulfillment. Join our community of health and wellness enthusiasts.

  • The different production methods used for Amnesia Haze CBD flowers

    Production of Amnesia Haze CBD may vary depending on producers and local regulations. Both indoor and outdoor growing methods can be used, with practices ranging from organic to more conventional methods. Learn about the production processes to ensure the flowers you purchase are high quality.

  • Amnesia Haze CBD: why buy it? A look at the quality and price of Amnesia Haze CBD flowers.

    The quality of Amnesia Haze CBD flowers depends on various factors such as cultivation method, processing and storage. It is recommended to invest in quality products to maximize therapeutic benefits. The price may vary depending on the quality of the product and the reputation of the producer, but it is often worth paying a little more for a satisfying experience.

Treat yourself to our CBD Flowers with exceptional taste!

CBD cannabis flowers are a natural choice to improve your daily well-being. With a high concentration of CBD and THC-free, they provide pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties to relieve physical and mental ailments. In addition, they can help improve sleep quality and stress management. CBD cannabis flowers are easy to consume, have no psychoactive effects and are suitable for everyone. Choose these products for a natural solution for a healthier lifestyle.
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