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Asabio Regenerating Balm

Asabio Regenerating Balm

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Asabio Balm CBD is a regenerating and calming product that contains CBD (cannabidiol) and other natural ingredients to help relieve pain, inflammation and regenerate the skin.

It is used to treat joint pain, muscle pain and dry or damaged skin.

This product is made with quality ingredients to ensure optimum effectiveness.

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Asabio Regenerating Balm


Strong points

Effectively relieves pain and inflammation with CBD

Helps regenerate and nourish the skin with vegetable oils and butters

Brings a relaxing effect thanks to the essential oils of menthol, clove and eucalyptus

Contains natural ingredients such as hot pepper and calendula flower extract for optimal effectiveness

Only in Vegan version

Usage tips

Apply a small amount of balm to clean, dry skin.

Gently massage until fully absorbed.

Use daily for best results.

For an even more pronounced feeling of relaxation, use the balm before bedtime.

Store the balm in a cool, dry place.
Use within 6 months after opening the product.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
If you have a skin reaction, discontinue use immediately.


Asabio Regenerating and Calming CBD Balm is a real gem of nature! It contains a balanced blend of ingredients to bring optimal results.

Menthol and hot pepper extract provide a cooling and warming effect to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Clove essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Finally, calendula flower extract provides moisturizing and nourishing properties for the skin.

The cocoon of well-being

Say goodbye to your pain with a smile!

Imagine yourself wrapped in a cocoon of relaxation, keeping muscle and joint pain away. This is what Asabio Regenerating CBD Balm can do for you. Apply it with a smile and feel the tensions melt away. Our soothing formula provides effective relief. Stop letting pain dictate your day!

The path to flawless recovery

Post-workout recovery with a touch of sweetness!

After training, recovery is the key to success. But who said it had to be painful? Asabio Regenerating CBD Balm is your ideal partner. Run towards flawless recovery with a touch of gentleness. Your body deserves to be pampered, right?

The radiance is in the Asabio balm

Dull skin, clown skin? Transform it with Asabio!

Have you ever felt like your skin is playing tricks on you? Don't be the clown of the story, be the star! Asabio Rejuvenating CBD Balm can transform your dull skin into glowing skin. Apply it with a smile, and watch your skin blossom. This is the secret to self-confidence that everyone should know.

Asabio Regenerating Balm with CBD and Calendula Flower - Your Daily Ally for Well-Being

We understand that modern life can bring its share of challenges, stress and discomfort, from muscle tension to skin problems. This is why we created Asabio Regenerating Balm with CBD and Calendula Flower . This unique balm is designed to provide you with a natural, effective and comforting solution for various commonly encountered problems. Find out how it can soothe your muscle and joint pain, improve your recovery after exercise, and regenerate your skin.

Daily challenges - We are here to listen to you:

  1. Muscle and joint pain : Muscle and joint pain can hamper your quality of life. Asabio regenerating balm is specially designed to soothe this pain and help you regain your mobility.
  2. Post-exercise recovery : After an intense exercise session, your body needs recovery. Our balm can help reduce the feeling of muscle tension and speed up the recovery process.
  3. Skin problems : Skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis or skin irritations can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Our CBD and Calendula Flower balm promotes skin regeneration, giving you a natural solution to soothe these problems.

The benefits of Asabio regenerating balm:

  1. Relief from muscle and joint pain : Our balm combines the benefits of CBD and Calendula Flower to soothe muscle and joint pain, helping you regain mobility and live more comfortably.
  2. Faster Recovery : After exercise, apply our balm to reduce muscle tension, speed recovery and get back on your feet faster.
  3. Skin Regeneration : The regenerative properties of Calendula Flower are reinforced by CBD, promoting healthier and soothed skin. Skin problems will soon be just a bad memory.

A soothing sensory experience for a more comfortable life

Asabio Regenerating Balm is enhanced by a soothing texture and a delicate natural aroma. Each application envelops you in a pleasant feeling of comfort and reassurance.

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Don't let pain, muscle tension or skin problems disrupt your life again. Asabio Regenerating Balm is here to offer you a natural, effective and beneficial solution. Test it today and find out how it can improve your well-being and help you live more comfortably.

  • Magic balm: the secret to radiant, healthy skin!

    ASABIO's CBD balm offers a variety of benefits, including promoting muscle recovery after exercise, relieving daily muscle fatigue , strengthening the immune system thanks to the presence of calendula flower , reducing the inflammation thanks to the cineole of eucalyptus oil , and by offering products from organic farming for healthy and natural use. It's a perfect way to take care of your body and relax.

  • Safe use: ASABIO CBD balm for local application

    This CBD balm from ASABIO has been specially designed for local use . When you want to benefit from its benefits, simply apply a small amount gently to the area you want to soothe. Then perform a gentle massage until the balm is completely absorbed. It is important to note that contact with eyes or mucous membranes should be avoided to ensure safe use.

Reveal the power of Asabio CBD treatments and transform your well-being!

Asabio is a brand of natural and organic cosmetics that combines the benefits of nature to preserve and strengthen your skin. Their products are certified 100% organic, using carefully selected ingredients from organic and sustainable farming. With Asabio, you can benefit from the power of plants for soft, delicate and radiant skin, while respecting the environment.
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