Loyalty program

For who ?

Our loyalty program is reserved for anyone who creates an account on our site and can benefit from its advantages.

What is this ?

Our loyalty widget where you can experience a whole new form of rewards and entertainment. You will be able to collect badges as well as Points for various activities on our website.

What are “Points”?

Collect “Points” to exchange them later for a discount at checkout.

How to win


Earn 4 Points for every 1 EUR spent.


Refer friends and receive discounts for each successful referral.

Challenge table

Unlock badges for different activities and collect discounts.


Level up to get more benefits and discounts.

How to trade

Use your Points to benefit from discounts on your next orders. Each 1 Points is equivalent to 0.01 EUR.

Loyalty program rules

Loyalty Program Policy

Article 1: Organizing company

The loyalty program is organized by the company SAS HerBeevor registered with the Brest RCS n° 949 280 085.

For any further information, you can contact contact@herbeevor.fr.

Article 2: Description of the loyalty program

HerBeeFeeds allows the accumulation and use of loyalty points exchangeable for benefits and/or rewards. All products purchased allow you to accumulate points. Here is the principle:

  1. The customer automatically collects points with each purchase or during specific actions described below in the regulations;
  2. The customer accumulates points;
  3. The customer can exchange their points for discount vouchers and/or other benefits.

The amount of purchases prior to the program creation date will not be taken into account.

“Member” refers to customers of the company SAS HerBeevor who are considered, by virtue of their membership, to be part of the loyalty program.

“Points” means loyalty points awarded to members. They can be called points or cashback on the various communication media of the company SAS HerBeevor.

“Points account” means the dematerialized account on which the points acquired by the member are stored and from which the points used are debited.

The purpose of joining the HerBeeFeeds loyalty program is to provide customers of the company SAS HerBeevor with the advantages described below. The use and benefit of the advantages attached to this membership are intuitu personae.

Article 3: Membership in the loyalty program

  • Membership conditions

The loyalty program is limited to the company's customers only. Only individuals over the age of 18 and domiciled in mainland France can join the loyalty program.

Membership is free and does not bind the customer in any way. The simple fact of joining the loyalty program entails full and unreserved acceptance of the conditions described in these regulations.

A customer who joins the loyalty program becomes a member of the program. The organizing company reserves the right to modify these regulations, in whole or in part, at any time. Members will be notified by email of changes made and their effective date. Updated terms and conditions are available at any time on the Company's website. The list of points of sale, sites and partners participating in the program is available on request from the customer service of the company SAS HerBeevor.

  • Membership duration

The duration of membership is indefinite subject to termination by the member or by the company SAS HerBeevor . Any customer who has not used their customer account for a period of 24 consecutive months could see their membership terminated by the company SAS HerBeevor. In the event of termination, the points accumulated on the loyalty card and other loyalty benefits will become unavailable.

  • Loyalty program start date

The benefits of the program can be accumulated from the date of confirmation of registration for the program.

Article 4: Characteristics of the loyalty program

  • Accumulation of loyalty points

Program members earn points based on their purchases. Points are awarded to members when purchasing a product online and in store. Each 1 Points is equivalent to 0.01 EUR.

Several rules can be applied for the allocation of points:

  • 4% cashback per euro spent;
  • 500 points for the first order;
  • 500 points per referral;

Points are awarded based on the nature of the expenses on the website or in store at the HerBeevor Boutique - Brest-Kerinous. The terms of allocation will be available on simple request to the company's customer service contact@herbeevor.fr

Additional loyalty points may also be granted to members as part of one-off promotional campaigns. Members may also be recipients of promotional offers, at the free discretion of the company SAS HerBeevor.

  • Using points

The available points balance can be consulted: via the Reward Widget on the website.

Loyalty points are valid for 24 months from the end of the calendar year in which they were credited. Any person who requests the cancellation of their membership must convert their points no later than 15 days after the date of cancellation of their membership. Loyalty points not converted within this period will be automatically canceled.

Loyalty points cannot be transferred or assigned to another customer. Points are valid for 730 days from the order date. Once converted into a discount voucher, they are valid again for 730 days.

Points cannot be redeemed for cash and have no cash value.

  • Card statuses/tiers

Upon registration, the member benefits by default from the status [specify the name of the first status] , and this for an unlimited period. Different status levels are possible according to the following rules:



Starts from 0 euros spent



Starts from 200 euros spent



Starts from 400 euros spent



Starts at 950 euros spent



Starts at 1500 euros spent

Article 5: Offers and rewards

Members can benefit from gifts, discounts and advantages or various offers depending on the loyalty points they have acquired.

The rewards obtained by a customer are personal.

The organizing company reserves the right to modify the rewards without notice, particularly in the event of unavailability.

Article 6: Reservations, fraud and spam

Any fraud, or attempted fraud will be subject to prosecution in accordance with the provisions of articles 313-1 et seq. of the Penal Code.

Article 7: Information technology and freedoms

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 06/01/78, participants have the right to access and rectify personal data concerning them by writing to the organizing company at this address: SAS HerBeevor, 63 rue Auguste Kervern 29200 Brest.

Article 8: Applicable law and acceptance of the regulations

These loyalty program regulations will be governed by French law.

In the event of a dispute arising in connection with the organizing company's loyalty program, the Brest court will have sole jurisdiction.

Participants declare that they understand and fully accept these regulations relating to the loyalty program.